Love Physics


You are sensitive and warm and your hands, they are so gentle like you, your tapering fingertips present the state of your mind, I must wonder how it’d feel to be enveloped in them, just disappear. You are dark yet there is comfort in that darkness, for darkness. You’re cozy in your shiver inducing stare, the eyes that look past anything are liquid, brimming with honey just waiting to be poured out, drunk, tasted, swallowed, your locks though not gold like the sun, are chocolate, so much the better, dark, just how I like it. You are cool, your breath is just like fresh air, the green breeze, the drizzle before and after the rain, you are bloated, hehheheehhh, but it feels just like me.

When I have you I want for nothing else, I seem to want for nothing, nor food neither even congress, you and me, that’s just okay, enough, no time, no room for lust.

When you want that one person nothing else, no one else, matters, you cannot do with anything else, no one else, nothing will do. Anything else is a distraction, even I am a distraction, my needs are a distraction, my narcissism and my vanity are a distraction, while looking at you, you are a distraction, you are a distraction to that which is us.

I need you, you might not know it yet but you need me, we need each other, each the other’s heart more than the body, mind more than the heart, the soul more than the mind, the essence of each other, the essence of us.

You and I are together in this, I refuse to be alone in this, we will be together in this or not at all, in Time. This is the last call. The last summons. There is none of that in love, but this is more than love, isn’t it. It’s the brink of love and like, hate and narcissism, vanity and selfishness, where all of them meet, and either build everything up, or raze it all to the ground, no mistakes allowed, no second chances, no looking back. “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” :’) What happens when same charged particles are forced together.

Let’s just hope that we don’t kill each other in the hope that this is too much fun.

Let’s make a promise to me, to each other, I’ll let you be you and you let me be more me. I vow not to destroy you at the expense of saving myself. You go down, I go down, we go down, together and one. I go down, I go down. I’m not pulling you down with me though, that will not be me, that’s not my nature. I cherish and savor being the sole savior too much, the lone wolf. Let me do that as a favor to me, a testament of my loyalty to us, to you, to this, to love. “If equal affection cannot be / Let the more loving one be me”? :) Let me have this last one, let me imbue you with the kiss of death.