Why love Pakistan? umm…I think if you’re a true-born Pakistani you never had to ask yourself this question. Nevertheless today, I’m on the hunt for the reasons why I love Pakistan, why you love Pakistan, if not, then all the reasons that makes Pakistan all the more lovable to the next Pakistani.

Let’s start by why I love Pakistan as much as I do. Well, I, for one, love Pakistan for the fact that I was born into this beautiful aromatic soil and raised in its vicissitudes. I’m a part of this soil, thus it calls me onto it. Pakistan has given me my identity, it’s who I am. How can somebody breathe in and feel all this and not be in love?

It’s true that I have never been away from my country but such moments have come and gone when I had to think about going away, and not once have I felt my heart not aching or longing for it. Pakistan is where my family is, where my ancestors were born, raised, spent their lives and were buried, it is where I wish to be buried. It is my life and how does one walk away from his life?

All my life, all my memories, my people are in Pakistan. It has given me everything I have. It’s not just emotional but also logical to love something that is your everything. Doesn’t every one of us, Pakistanis, ought to be grateful for all that it has been to us? A mother, a father, a patron, a benefactor, a home, guardian, shelter, and what not. I believe that almost every one of us, at some level, has some respect if not love for our motherland.


Share your thoughts. I love to hear them.

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