You’ve become a stranger to me, nevertheless, I still try to find in you, the person I once knew. And it hurts you to see you moving on with your life while I’m still stuck in the past. You moved on and I’ve been left standing in the same place ever since.
I never knew I could fall for you. I never knew when you got under my skin and it became so damned hard to let go.
A part of me wants to let you know, be vulnerable to you while fighting with the part begging me to let you be your own person and not hurting you by going in and out of your life.
It’s not the right time, I know it. I’m not dragging you into this mess. I  can’t do that to you. You have to have a life. You have to live for yourself. You have to achieve your goals and realize your dreams your way. It has to be your decision to make.

One thought on “6/17/2014

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