It doesn’t even feel real anymore, it’s like I can never be in love like I had been once, consumed by the very idea of it.

It’s better to be really feeling those emotions rather than thinking that you’re feeling them.

You cannot be not vulnerable and love someone with all your might. We have to be vulnerable to feel the pain or pleasure which might be so real it scares us.¬†Vulnerability is the key to opening our hearts, to let the pain in so that it may carve deep into our souls wounding us within. Only then will our hearts have the space for love which may penetrate so deep into our inner selves that it might heal our wounds so that we may feel it’s presence. Being so broken and yet so whole, that’s the beauty of it, love.

You know those moments when you see someone seeing themselves reflected in your eyes? The vulnerability the possibility offers you! You shun it, of course, too scared of what it could do to your shattered soul.

I believe you have to be broken enough and have a part of your whole missing to see this. And from what I have seen, there aren’t much whole people around.

I thought I saw thee seeing thyself reflected in my eyes.


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